Plastering vs. Dry Lining vs. Rendering in The Midlands – Which One is Better?

When it comes to restoring the exterior of our house, most cannot decide between dry lining, plastering and rendering. Though as per the location, the preference shifts, such as rendering in the Midlands. But still, if you choose to have a thorough idea of these three, we can guide you.

Just go through the below information for a better understanding:

Dry Lining

Since the mid-1900s dry lining has been in the construction industry. It has popularised the idea of getting a smooth surface that is always paint-ready.

You can also accomplish the look with ready-made boards which just need a simple cut and arrangement. Once installed with adhesive, you can enjoy a smooth finished surface in no time. Its efficiency and ease to installation make it unique and preferred by the homeowners.

The little to no waste, absence of mess and no extra time requirement for drying the material out make it perfect when it’s an emergency or you need a quick fix.

However, it’s crucial to remember the end result may not be as smooth as plaster and there are better ‘seals’ for a room.


Many property owners prefer plastering over other wall covering methods. Plaster offers a nice and smooth wall surface which works as a great insulator for the property. Irrespective of the complexity of the property, a professional knows how to handle the situation.

The benefits of plastering are:

better quality of work

Appealing outcome


But this may not suit you if you are in a hurry as the plaster should be mixed and prepared right for the best results. Otherwise, the end result won’t be as beautiful as you wish it to be.


It’s just like a method of covering the external walls of residential or commercial buildings. The modern, contemporary, sleek, up-to-date look makes it popular among homeowners. It not only offers the building a completely new look but also waterproofs the property. The fireproof, weather-resistant material is perfect for all properties.

Whether you want a textured finish or a smooth one – rendering in The Midlands allows you to enjoy both. The different render types come with their own pros which make each of them fit for different locations.

For the best final touch, many renderers prefer to go for a render adhesive to apply after the last render coat application.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of rendering:

Improved thermal efficiency

Better external appearance


As you are now familiar with all the external wall coatings, it’s time to choose a winner. Though each situation and property asks for different wall coatings, still rendering overpowers both plastering and dry lining in the Midlands. The long-lasting, sleek finish that comes with rendering may not be possible to get from other wall coverings.

Work with an expert rendering service provider such as Rendcem UK Limited for the finest rendering service!