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Rendcem (UK) Limited

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Rendcem (UK) Limited

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Plastering vs. Dry Lining vs. Rendering in The Midlands – Which One is Better?

 20th April 2021

When it comes to restoring the exterior of our house, most cannot decide between dry lining, plastering and rendering. Though as per the location, the preference shifts, such as rendering in the Midlands. But still, if you choose to have a thorough idea of these three, we can guide you. Just go through the below […]


Why Hiring Experts for Rendering in The Midlands Is the Need of The Hour?

 27th October 2020

People work hard to purchase a home of their choice and decorate it the way they want. To make the entire process ideal, it is important that the correct materials are used to build or renovate the property. When the best-suited materials are sorted for a building or construction, it adds to and enhances the […]


The Knowledge You Should Have About Rendering the Midlands

 18th September 2020

You must have seen that the building in which people live or work loses its shine and appeal after a few years. Not only that, but it also gets affected due to the tough weather conditions. And that, in turn, affects the interior as well as the exterior of the property. Now some of the […]


How About Hiring the Professionals for Plastering and Dry Lining Midlands?

 3rd August 2020

Plastering is a simple way which is done to improve the durability of both the exterior as well as the interiors walls. It is a process of covering the damaged portions of the walls with the help of right plastic materials. The main purpose of plastering and dry lining Midlands is just to enhance the […]


Why External Wall Insulation in the Midlands is an Important Process?

 31st July 2020

When it comes to renovating commercial or residential buildings, hiring experts for external wall insulation in the Midlands should be the main focus. Though people hire professionals for rendering, painting and decorating service, most of them don’t have the idea what wall insulation actually is. And therefore, they don’t get the standard service as per their expectation. […]


Advantages of Brick Effect Rendering For Creating a Vintage Appeal

 14th November 2019

The aura of a pre-1970s home has an instant appeal. However, now in the 21st century, they cannot have homes of the yesteryear design. But, can we really not recreate the vintage look on our property? Brick effect rendering experts have a different opinion here! They are of the view that such rendering truly has […]


Top Qualities of Through Colour Rendering Professionals

 14th October 2019

Human beings are extremely conscious and picky about the way their homes are built since time immemorial. Compromise is the most hated word when it comes to building homes and through colour rendering is one such option that further establishes the first line you read in this blog! If you have constructed your own home […]


Amazing Benefits Of Acrylic Rendering You Must Know

 4th September 2019

If you are wondering whether to go for rendering your property or not, here is a blog that will help you get a clear idea and take a composed decision. First things first; rendering is of utmost importance if you are building a new home or essentially remodeling an old one. Be it structural damage […]